Chicago Probate Lawyer

The death of a loved one is one of the most traumatic events a person can face. Unfortunately, if you are in this situation, you may also have to deal with the practical matters of handling the estate and finding a probate lawyer. Chicago, Illinois estate laws are complicated and can be overwhelming. Vantage Group Legal Services offers legal guidance and services to assist in these times.

At Vantage Group Legal Services, we know that people involved with probate issues often go through a range of reactions, including denial, anger, fear, and grief. Our lawyers are equipped to address the probate of an estate with compassion and patience. If you need a Chicago probate lawyer, Vantage Group Legal Services can help.

Understanding Estate Law

A probate lawyer in Chicago practices law under the broader field of estate law. Estate law is the area of law that addresses state and federal laws that affect how an estate will be inventoried, valued, dispersed, and taxed after death. It also includes laws regarding trusts, wills, powers of attorney, and other standard documents a Chicago probate lawyer uses in planning an estate. 

Estate law is a highly specialized field. Most general law practitioners do not handle complex estate law cases. Vantage Group Legal Services can connect you with an attorney who knows all the ins and out of estate law in Illinois and has handled basic and very complex issues of probate.

Why People Seek Vantage Group Legal Services’ Estate and Probate Legal Services

People seek an estate or probate lawyer from Vantage Group Legal Services for a few different reasons. These include:

  • To plan their estate, especially to get a will;
  • To have help addressing the estate of a loved one who has passed away; and
  • To find out their rights regarding the estate of a loved one who has passed away.

The last two are actions related to probate, a specific area within estate law. If you seek to settle the unresolved issues of an estate, you need a probate lawyer in Chicago, which we can provide.

The Helpful Role of a Chicago Probate Lawyer

Most often we are contacted when a client needs to handle a person’s estate after their death. A Chicago probate lawyer from Vantage Group Legal Services is well trained in probate law and can address settling the estate of your loved one. Doing so may entail many things, including:

  • Authenticating a will (if one is available);
  • Identifying and notifying creditors;
  • Paying the decedent’s debt;
  • Identifying all assets;
  • Distributing estate assets;
  • Assisting with handling estate and other taxes;
  • Filing all necessary court documents; and
  • Responding to any requests from attorneys, the probate courts, and others with a possible interest in the estate.

The probate court and probate codes regulate all aspects of settling an estate. Settling an estate is best accomplished with the help of a probate lawyer. The laws and the actual process are highly technical and legally complex.

Vantage Group Legal Services can have an attorney represent you throughout the process of probate. They will take the burden of legally and fully settling the estate off your shoulders.

Hurdles of Self-Representation

Every Chicago probate lawyer has had experience with individuals who first sought to handle legal issues regarding their deceased relative’s estate independently. We have found a common theme in that they come to us overwhelmed after realizing all that probate entails. Here are some of the many hurdles and dangers you may face if you try to tackle estate distribution on your own.

Battling the Terminology

Trust, codicil, decedent, fiduciary, estate tax, grantor, probate, testator, and on and on. These are just some of the terms referenced throughout probate. While they are familiar and a second language to a Chicago probate lawyer, they could take significant time and research for a non-lawyer to understand and address. 

Complexities of Probate Law

Right off the bat when a person passes, you must determine if you need to involve probate court. If so, probating an estate consists of opening a probate action in court, sending notices, inventorying the assets, and so much more. Each of these is a legal step, with clear regulations that must be followed. 

Emotional Exhaustion

When dealing with an estate, most people are also dealing with some level of grief. The emotional toll of then having to compartmentalize probate dealings in a professional manner is overwhelming for most.

Family Feuds

Friends and family, even when well-intentioned, have opinions regarding how an estate should be handled. People have their own interests and interests of their children they seek to protect. Sometimes grief leads them to anger, and they lash out at those handling the estate. It is much easier for all to have a probate attorney be the point of contact regarding settling an estate.

Professional Parties to the Probate

Probate may necessitate the help of an accountant, financial planner, life insurance advisor, banker, and other professionals. A Vantage Group Legal Services probate attorney will have trusted colleagues in each of these areas to call on as needed. Individuals trying to handle probate may not have a team of contacts in various professions familiar with probate law.

Contested Actions 

When the decedent passes away without a valid will, you should expect possible contention. Even with a will, a probate action may involve legal disputes. Most individuals do not have the legal experience to address these actions. You’ll need a probate lawyer. Chicago courts will not walk you through handling a contested estate. 

Have a Vantage Group Legal Services attorney at hand. We have significant trial experience in civil courts and are well equipped to litigate probate disputes and deal with probate law complexities. You need not deal with family trauma, feuds, and questions regarding the estate. We will handle it all. And if other professionals are needed? We can arrange those services.

Avoid the potential costs, hassles, and legal pitfalls that may occur with an attempt at self-representation. Let a knowledgeable probate attorney in Chicago handle probate matters. 

Exceptional Probate Issues

There are circumstances when a person’s property passes directly to a specific person, and lawyers will not use the court’s probate process. Examples of non-probate property include: 

  • Property held in joint tenancy;
  • Retirement benefits payable to a named beneficiary or beneficiaries; and
  • Payable on death (POD) or transfer on death (TOD) accounts.

These circumstances are particular, and it is best to have a probate lawyer to determine what items do not need to go through probate. 

Also, smaller estates, estates that are ruled by living trusts, and some other specific circumstances may avoid probate. Don’t assume you can avoid probate. A Chicago probate lawyer is in the best position to make this crucial analysis.

In Need of a Chicago Probate Lawyer? Contact Vantage Group Legal Services

If you have questions regarding addressing an estate, please contact our office. Vantage Group Legal Services can provide you with exceptional legal services regarding probate. A Vantage Group Legal Services network lawyer can deal with the process of administering a person’s estate after their death. We understand that you may be processing the loss of your loved one on many levels. Let Vantage Group Legal Services address the legal aspects for you. The probate attorney handles all aspects of the new case for the duration of your time with Vantage Group Legal Services. In addition, you will have secondary support supplied by Vantage Group Legal Services’ exceptional staff.

How Vantage Group Legal Services Works

Vantage Group Legal Services is a unique company in that we are a group legal services company, not a law firm. Our business works off a subscription model. This means you can sign up for a monthly fee, and in exchange, we will assign you an attorney, based on your needs, from Vantage Group Legal Services’s Attorney Network. All you need to do is submit an inquiry to Vantage Group Legal Services, and an attorney will reach out to you to discuss your case with a no-obligation, free consultation. From there, you can elect to subscribe to Vantage Group Legal Services’s subscription plan and then receive the services of an experienced network attorney who is the perfect fit for you. Start now by calling 773-938-4747 or reaching us online, and you should have contact with a lawyer within 24 hours.