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If you’re facing divorce, you know you need competent representation. In this post you’ll get advice on how to find the best Chicago divorce lawyer for you.

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When facing divorce, it’s common for folks to go online and search something like “best divorce lawyer” or “top divorce attorneys”.

This isn’t a bad place to start your search. However, it’s important to understand that there is really no objective measure of who the “best” Chicago divorce lawyers are.

The truth is, there are plenty of highly qualified attorneys who would do a great job representing you.

The best thing to do during your divorce attorney search is to consider what traits and qualities would make a given attorney the best one for you.

You’ll find a list of the top things to consider when searching for the best divorce lawyer in Chicago, as well as the qualities common in Chicago’s top family law attorneys.

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What Consider When Searching for the Best Chicago Divorce Lawyer

There are several factors to consider when determining how to find the best divorce attorney in Chicago. Many have misconceptions about the divorce process and may feel apprehensive about hiring an attorney.

Finding one of the top-rated divorce attorneys in Chicago may sound difficult; however, narrowing down your options based on the following criteria ensures you find the right fit for you. 

Tips for Researching Chicago Divorce Lawyers 

Start with a search of attorneys in your area and locate attorneys serving the Cook County area. Narrow your choices of top divorce lawyers in Chicago to those with a focused portion of their practice dedicated to family law. You may research through typical internet search engines, social media, and even local Chicago magazines.

Additionally, discussions with friends and colleagues may offer insight into their own experiences with specific firms. Often others provide quality advice regarding the top divorce lawyers in Chicago. 

Vantage Group Legal does all the research for you! When you subscribe to Vantage Group Legal, we get to work for you. Vantage Group Legal matches you with an in-area attorney best-suited for your legal needs through our extensive attorney network with a minimum of seven years of experience in their designated field.

Rest assured that Vantage Legal Group finds you one of the top divorce attorneys in Chicago.   

Be Sure to Consider Your Budget 

When determining the best divorce attorney in Chicago, it’s also essential to deal with your budgetary limitations. Even if you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse get along well, issues may arise through the divorce process to create tension and disagreements.

The inability of you and your ex-spouse to resolve your problems efficiently may result in higher legal fees. Vantage Group Legal works to address these concerns through our unique service. Our potential client meets with our in-house counsel to discuss the facts of their case.

When you decide to subscribe to our service, our in-house lawyers study your case to match you with a specialized network attorney. We provide one simple monthly payment to include your lawyer, support fees, and more. 

Your Goals Should be Well-Defined an Always at the Forefront

Vantage Group Legal provides clients with a free consultation to discuss your goals throughout your dissolution process and how we can best serve those goals. If you and your ex-spouse have no children and relatively simple finances, you may wish to explore a more simple dissolution process. Illinois provides two options for parties wanting to dissolve their marriage: fault-based and no-fault.

Understand the Basics of the Divorce Process in Illinois

Before you hire a divorce attorney it’s in your best interest to familiarize yourself with a least a high-level understanding of what it looks like to get a divorce in Illinois.

Below is a collection of articles that will help you achieve just that.

Understanding No-Fault Dissolution

In no-fault dissolutions, there exists no requirement to prove that your ex-spouse caused the breakdown of the marriage. Many may opt for a no-fault dissolution if they amicably decided to end their marriage. When you speak to a top divorce attorney in Chicago, they may advise this as a cost-saving option. When both parties agree regarding all aspects of the dissolution, both save substantial sums of money otherwise spent in court. 

When one party files for no-fault dissolution in Illinois, they must prove that they have been living separately for at least two years. If both parties agree to a no-fault divorce, Illinois laws require proof of living separately for only six months. 

The term “separate” implies the parties must live apart. However, any of the top divorce attorneys in Chicago know that parties can satisfy the separation requirement even if they live together if they behave more like roommates than spouses. 

Understanding Fault-Based Dissolution

As of January 1, 2016, the State of Illinois eliminated fault-based dissolutions. Previously, filing for a fault-based dissolution required one party to claim a ground for divorce.

Despite the elimination of fault-based dissolutions, one may still file under the grounds of irreconcilable differences. Once you establish a six-month separation from your ex-spouse, the presumption of irreconcilable differences is proven.

Additionally, if you and your spouse agree to have irreconcilable differences, Illinois law eliminates the six-month waiting period. Contact a top divorce attorney in Chicago to determine whether the facts of your case may speed up your dissolution process through agreement of irreconcilable differences.

4 Qualities to Look for in Your Chicago Divorce Lawyer

When you meet with your potential divorce lawyer, consider the qualities you hope for in a divorce lawyer. Going through a divorce constitutes an emotionally and financially taxing process. The best divorce lawyer in Chicago will prioritize your goals, understand your budget, and focus on the most critical issues. 

1. Communication

Clear and easy communication with your attorney is vital to resolving matters related to your divorce. The top divorce attorneys in Chicago communicate all aspects of your case to you while providing you with realistic expectations of outcome scenarios. Additionally, hiring an attorney with impeccable communication skills bodes well for discussions and negotiations with your ex-spouse’s attorney. 

2. Experience

Attorneys with substantial family law experience possess the skills needed to represent you on complex or straightforward dissolutions. Your dissolution touches all aspects of your life, including your children, finances, retirement, and job.


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An attorney who understands the complexity of your case handles all these issues while you transition into your new life. Vantage Group Legal only permits attorneys in our network if they possess a minimum of seven years of experience in any designated field. Therefore, we can assure you that your lawyer holds the expertise necessary to represent you and protect your rights in the dissolution process. 

3. Availability

An attorney with a large caseload may not be equipped to handle your case and provide you with the attention you need. Top-rated divorce attorneys in Chicago understand that they need to respond to client questions promptly. At Vantage Group Legal, our network attorneys understand that clients need an attorney by their side as they navigate their way through a life-changing event like divorce. 

4. Composure

The best divorce attorney in Chicago maintains their composure through the many stressful events during divorce proceedings. You want to find a family law attorney that stays calm under pressure not only in responding to your questions but also in court.

The top divorce attorneys in Chicago in the Vantage Group Legal attorney network maintain composure to adjust strategies when needed without losing focus.

Our Network of Top-Rated Chicago Divorce Lawyers Are Ready to Help

Vantage Group Legal represents a unique company providing legal services to clients. While not a firm, we connect clients with highly qualified attorneys in the Chicago area while providing secondary support. Our business works as a subscription-type service. Upon submitting your inquiry for an attorney, our in-house counsel and legal research team review your case.

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