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There are many life-altering factors to consider when filing for divorce. Where do you live? Who takes care of the kids? How do you adjust to a single-income household that depends solely on you?

These are questions you should not have to answer alone, and you should not have to fight for your rights to property, parenting time, and support by yourself.

The experienced network attorneys at Vantage Group Legal Services can answer your questions and fight for your rights in Cook County divorce proceedings

What Happens During a Divorce in Cook County?

Some spouses enter an agreement to split assets and parenting time after a divorce. If an agreement between spouses is not unconscionable, the court approves the agreement, and the agreement becomes enforceable. If the spouses cannot come to a reasonable agreement, or cannot come to an agreement at all regarding support, the division of assets, and parenting time, the court holds a hearing on the matters and decides each party’s rights and obligations. 

In divorce proceedings, the court makes decisions about rights affecting many different areas of your life, including:

  • Your rights to marital property such as housing, bank accounts, retirement funds, and other property acquired during the marriage;
  • Your obligations to pay debts incurred during the marriage;
  • Your rights to make significant decisions for your children, such as child custody, healthcare, schooling, religion, and extracurricular activities;
  • Your rights to have parenting time with your children;
  • Your rights to receive child support;
  • Your obligations to pay child support; and
  • Your right to receive spousal maintenance based on your economic and personal circumstances.

Whether you have an agreement with your spouse or you submit your case to the courts, inviting the legal process into your personal life is daunting. 

Each of your family law rights depends on your economic circumstances, your needs, your spouse’s needs, your child’s needs, the nature of your relationships before filing for divorce, and the personal characteristics of you, your spouse, and your family. The court looks at these factors to decide whether awards of support and property are just. The court also looks at these factors to determine if allocations of parental responsibilities are in your children’s best interests. 

How Can a Cook County Attorney Help Me in a Divorce?

The best divorce lawyer for you will help you in multiple ways including:

  • Protecting your rights and holding your spouse accountable in initial divorce proceedings and agreement negotiations;
  • Arguing to enforce the rights you received in an agreement or judgment of dissolution of marriage; and 
  • Arguing to modify your rights and obligations in a divorce judgment when circumstances change. 

A Cook County divorce attorney knows what information to gather and how to present your case to your spouse and the court to maximize your rights in a divorce. 

Protecting Your Rights in an Initial Divorce Judgment

Winning the appropriate rights in an initial divorce judgment is very important because some rights are hard to change after the fact. If you enter an agreement with your spouse regarding parenting and property rights and the court approves your agreement, you cannot modify the portions of the agreement regarding the division of property.

In many cases, you cannot modify an order allocating significant decision-making responsibilities for your child until two years have passed. Cook county divorce lawyers can review your case and determine what you need in the long term and how to get it before the court enters its judgment.

Enforcing Your Rights in a Divorce Judgment

In a divorce, you must prove that irreconcilable differences caused an irretrievable breakdown of your marriage and efforts at reconciliation have failed or wouldn’t be in the family’s best interest. If you and your spouse are at this point, there’s a good chance you have a hard time communicating and cooperating with each other.

Unfortunately, the lack of communication and cooperation may continue after your divorce is final. Your spouse may not comply with their obligations to pay support or let you have your parenting time. If your spouse fails to fulfill their obligations in a divorce judgment, an attorney can help you enforce those obligations. 

Modifying Your Rights and Obligations in a Divorce Judgment

If your circumstances change and you cannot comply with the obligations or terms of your divorce judgment, you have options. Do not suffer in silence or risk sanctions from the court for noncompliance. An experienced family law attorney can ask the court to modify the terms in your divorce judgment.

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The family law attorneys at Vantage Group Legal Services are experienced, affordable, and eager to help you through every step of your divorce case. We understand that divorces are hard and complicated. We simplify the divorce process as much as possible and work to get you the best results in these life-altering proceedings. Contact us online or call us at 773-232-6892 for a free consultation.

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