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Yes, There Are Good Options for Hiring a Low-Cost Divorce Lawyer in Chicago

Let’s face it—divorce can be a complicated topic. 

Nobody goes into a marriage thinking it will result in divorce later on. Nevertheless, couples choose to end their marriages for a variety of different reasons. 

Regardless of their reasons, parties often want to keep divorce proceedings as quick and cost-effective as possible. Hiring an attorney for your divorce can actually be one of the best ways to achieve these goals.

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Low-Cost Options for Divorce in Chicago, Illinois

As with any other legal process, a divorce has the potential to be expensive and time-consuming. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. In fact, there are a few options in which a low-cost divorce might not be outside the realm of possibility. 

File for Divorce Without the Assistance of an Attorney

Of course, one way to achieve a cheap divorce in Chicago is to attempt to navigate the process on your own without the assistance of a divorce lawyer. However, this is generally not recommended. 

The fact remains that a divorce is a legal process with specific requirements and deadlines. If you are unfamiliar with the intricacies of the process, you can miss key steps. 

This could lead to the other party obtaining a more favorable outcome. And if the other party to divorce has an attorney, while you do not, this can make matters even more difficult. 

Ultimately, proceeding without an attorney could result in a more costly divorce in the long run.

Hire a Cheap Divorce Lawyer in Chicago

Another low-cost divorce option is to hire a cheap divorce attorney to assist with your case. 

This might be a better option than proceeding with a divorce without the assistance of an attorney whatsoever. However, be wary as you make your selection. 

Don’t just select the first option that comes up after a quick internet search for “cheap divorce lawyers in Illinois.” By doing so, you may risk sacrificing valuable experience and quality, both of which are crucial in a divorce proceeding.

So don’t limit yourself to only the cheapest divorce lawyers in the area—make sure to carefully vet your potential candidates first and select an attorney that has the skills and resources necessary to take on your case. 

Use an Affordable Divorce Lawyer in Chicago to Help you File for an Uncontested Divorce

Another great option to keep your divorce affordable is to file for uncontested divorce in Chicago.

In situations where there is little to no animosity between the parties, an uncontested divorce might be a way to keep your divorce costs relatively low. If the parties agree on how to handle all aspects of the divorce, this can make the filing process much simpler and can reduce the amount of time and money required to finalize the divorce. 

Of course, uncontested divorce in Chicago may not be a viable option in all cases. Speak with a divorce attorney today to discuss your options and see if an uncontested divorce might be right for you and your situation. 

Uncontested Divorce in Chicago

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Sometimes, couples simply grow apart for one reason or another. And while the parties may agree that staying married is not the best decision moving forward, they may not have any animosity toward each other. 

In these situations, an uncontested divorce in Chicago can be a great low-cost option.

What Is Uncontested Divorce? 

So what exactly is an “uncontested” divorce in Chicago? 

The ultimate goal of an uncontested divorce is to finalize the entire divorce through a settlement that both parties agree to. However, it is important to note that in an uncontested divorce, the parties must agree on all aspects of the divorce. This means that the parties must agree on: 

Child custody,
– Where the child(ren) will live,
Child support,
– Division of assets and debts, and 
Alimony, or “spousal maintenance.”

If both parties can’t agree on how to resolve all aspects of the divorce, an uncontested divorce might not be attainable. If they can, however, this can be a great way to keep costs, and tensions, low. 

How Uncontested Divorce in Chicago Might Also Mean a Cheap Divorce in Chicago

The ultimate outcome in an uncontested divorce in Chicago is that the parties finalize their divorce without the need for a trial or all the various filings and litigiousness that can be required in a traditional contested divorce. 

By avoiding these extra steps, the parties are able to terminate the marriage without the need for the additional time and expense that litigation frequently requires. Thus, parties to an uncontested divorce are more easily able to afford an attorney. 

If no trial or trial preparation is necessary, the attorney need only focus on advising their client throughout the process and filing the requisite paperwork to effectuate the divorce. This makes having an attorney for your divorce a much more viable option.

Looking for Affordable Divorce Lawyers in Chicago? 

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