At Vantage Group, we deliver exceptional legal services for our subscribers. Utilizing a team of dedicated professionals with decades of experience in the legal field, our experts help people take control of their legal situation. We offer subscribers the most affordable legal services possible by providing specialized legal counsel and collaborative case management, making sure their case gets the attention it deserves.

Overview of Services

For one simple monthly fee, Vantage Group offers a variety of legal services in order to meet your needs by providing an attorney, a dedicated case monitoring team and more. Currently, we represent the following types of cases.

Foreclosure Defense

Unfortunately, foreclosure can happen to anybody. Even if you experience divorce, job loss, or illness, there are ways to keep your home. 

At Vantage Group, we have a vetted network of foreclosure defense attorneys who have years of experience and success in foreclosure cases. Our goal is to provide you with the best strategy possible for your case, whether that means negotiating a short sale, getting a loan modification, or investigating fraud.

Family Law

Whether you are going through a divorce or dealing with custody arrangements, family law issues are life-changing for the entire family. Without legal guidance, the potential consequences of a divorce are disastrous for both parents and their children. The compassionate family law attorneys in our network have track records of success in every aspect of family law, including property divisions, spousal or child support, and child custody.

Personal Injury

If you suffer an injury in a car accident or other type of personal injury case, you might have trouble staying financially afloat while you recover. This makes pursuing the compensation you deserve from the insurance company much harder. At Vantage Group, we have a network of personal injury attorneys ready to fight for the money you need after personal injuries due to car accidents, medical malpractice, slips and falls, and more.


Vantage Group is dedicated to connecting individuals and families who want to move to the United States with immigration lawyers. From the moment you file your immigration petition to when you receive your Green Card or Visa, we provide full legal services and assistance to help you along the way.

Civil Litigation

If you ever receive a summons to appear in court for a civil matter, you cannot ignore it. During a civil suit, having an experienced attorney helps defend your reputation and your rights. Vantage Group provides a network of experienced attorneys with experience in all types of civil litigation who have routine success handling hearings, depositions, trials, and arbitrations. 

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If you need help finding an attorney to represent you or want help managing the details of your case, contact Vantage Group today. At Vantage Group, we provide legal services for a simple monthly subscription fee. From finding a highly-skilled attorney for your case type to managing your case details, we provide you with a full suite of services that give you peace of mind.

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