12/15/2023 – ChatGPT created bot v1:


12/16/2023 – VanGPT v1.1

Update: Limited input inquiry to a predetermined scope.

Legal Inquiry Chatbot
What are the necessary steps to take for

12/16/2023 – VanGPT v1.2

Update: testing a single button prompt and asking for user info before submitting inquiry to API

GPT prompt: This is great. let build on this. lets now create a form and button instead. The button will correspond with a specific inquiry: button 1: “Please write a cease and desist letter.” when this button is pressed, the user input should be to write a cease and desist letter with the user names full name, the date and the recipients name included. the user should be asked these questions and they will have to enter this information before the inquiry is submitted to the API. Please produce this full HTML code. Please also make the target URL: https://api.openai.com/v1/engines/text-curie-001/completions


Legal Document Generator

12/16/2023 – VanGPT v1.3

Legal Document Generator

Updates: added an additional button and allowed GPT to produce its own form relevant to the button to be uses.

results: seems like GPT did not full understand the task.


Update: corrected placement of results and added download PDF function>

Legal Document Generator